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I understand that SOCKS proxy only establishes connection at TCP level while HTTP proxy interpret traffic at HTTP level. Thus SOCKS proxy can work for any kind of protocol but HTTP Proxy can only handle HTTP traffic. But why HTTP Proxy like Squid can support protocol like IRC, FTP ? And when use a HTTP Proxy for IRC or FTP connection, what specifically happen? Is there any metadata added to the package when sent to the proxy over http protocol ?


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HTTP proxy is able to support high level protocols other than HTTP if it supports CONNECT method, which is primarily used for HTTPS connections, here is description from Squid wiki:

The CONNECT method is a way to tunnel any kind of connection through an HTTP proxy. By default, the proxy establishes a TCP connection to the specified server, responds with an HTTP 200 (Connection Established) response, and then shovels packets back and forth between the client and the server, without understanding or interpreting the tunnelled traffic

If client software supports connection through 'HTTP CONNECT'-enabled (HTTPS) proxy it can be any high level protocol that can work with such a proxy (VPN, SSH, SQL, version control, etc.)

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