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i have a stored procedure in mysql that doesnt work i need to compare a column that his name i get as parameter and a date that his value i allso get as parameter' my syntax is this.


CREATE DEFINER=`vladiraheli`@`%` PROCEDURE sheepfarm.create_date_filter
      in columnName VARCHAR(100), 
      in param varchar(100),
      in val varchar(100)

    declare formated_date  date;

    set formated_date = str_to_date(val,'%Y-%m-%d');

    set @stmt1 = concat(
     'select * from sheepfarm.Sheep where ' + 
      columnName + param  + 'formated_date') ;

    prepare stmt1 from @stmt1; 
    EXECUTE stmt1;

END $$

how can i make this work??

thank you vaery much for your help

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it has a problem with this statement:

set @stmt1 = concat('select * from sheepfarm.Sheep where ' + 
  columnName + param  + 'formated_date') ;

formated_date is passed as string, not as a variable.

set @stmt1 = concat('select * from sheepfarm.Sheep where ',  
  columnName, ' ', param, ' ', formated_date) ;

Since you are using CONCAT, you should use comma instead of plus sign. Question, what are the possible values of columnName, param and val?

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