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How to get user token for named pipe client from server side. I have found ImpersonateNamedPipeClient ,but I just want to query some information from it's token like sessionId.(I don't have access to client side code) Thanks in advance.

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You could use OpenThreadToken after ImpersonateNamedPipeClient to check client account privileges, either by GetTokenInformation, or by AccessCheck.

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That's good, but what SesdionID I'll have in that Token, from ClientProcess or from server process? I guess it's server one. –  Bogdan Mart Jan 12 at 23:33
@BogdanMart No. ImpersonateNamedPipeClient allows server side to impersonate client side. You will get token with the client access rights and privileges. –  Ari0nhh Jan 13 at 8:06

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