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I’m working on an application integrating mapquest maps and using the mapquest api.

At tkis moment I want to achieve the following : The registered user has to input latitude and longitude information (or later an address) and in the database this information has to be stored as geometry type field. And in the other way a user looking at his account should see the latitude and longitude information he entgered. So I need a kind of data conversion. In an earlyier simplified version without codeigniter I achieved this directly on the MySQL instruction by using the MySQL functions AsText & GeomFromText. But now I’m on Codeigniter and need to do the conversion py PHP

Is there anything equivalent in PHP to MySQL instructions AsText & GeomFromText ? Has anybody suggestions how to achieve this ?


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It appears that the PHP unpack function is what is needed to extract the coordinate information.

MySQL stores the geometry fields in the WKB (Well Known Binary) format. The unpack function is able to extract that information when provided the proper format specifier. The 50 character number I provided in my previous response was actually retrieved from MySQL. The following code is from a test script which successfully extracted the desired information.

Please note that my format for unpack differs slightly from that of the reference. This is because my WKB string contained 8 bytes of padding that theirs didn't.

    $padding = '0';
    $order   = '1';
    $gtype   = '1';
    $lon     = '-73.91353';
    $lat     = '42.80611';

    $bindata = pack('LcLd2', $padding, $order, $gtype, $lon, $lat);

    print("Packed: " . bin2hex($bindata) . "\n\n");

    $result = unpack('Lpadding/corder/Lgtype/dlongitude/dlatitude', $bindata);


    $result = unpack('Lpadding/corder/Lgtype/dlongitude/dlatitude', bin2hex($bindata));

References MySQL and ESRI Network.

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I, too, am trying to extract geometry field data.I am using the MySQLi class to retrieve rows of data and display it according to field type.

While I haven't yet figured out how to decode the geometry field data, I can view it by using the bin2hex function. A point stored using GeomFromText('POINT(-73.91353 42.80611)') using bin2hex gives me a 50 character string value of


A partial list of field type numbers can be found here.

I hope that this helps you! If I discover more, I'll pass it on here.

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One of @JoeJ's answers is redundant, probably this one, and should be deleted and the good bits edited into the other answer. –  High Performance Mark Aug 29 '12 at 8:33

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