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I am having trouble adding new activity to my android Project because of this error error MSG: R cannot be resolved to a variable testActivity.java
I really want to know what is correct way to add new activity to my project and how to solve this error?

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post your code and testactivity.java registration in manifest file. –  KKD Aug 19 '12 at 14:01

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How to add a new activity:

  • Right click in your project
  • New > Class
  • Enter the name of your Activity.
  • In super class field: android.app.Activity

Also, make sure you clean your project, close Eclipse and launch it again.

Finally, double check that you included your new activity in your manifest file.

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You need to clean your project a few times. Save the code and clean the project and make sure you have not used import andorid.R;

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