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I'm from Java and know nothing about jQuery, my application need to integrate with openid and i have to choose openid-selector as my client, it is a jQuery plugin that can send a form to server with query parameters, I hope to submit the form with additional


query parameter pair according user's selection, how could i modify the js file to achieve this?

please see below demo:


i know when i set openid.setDemoMode(false); and it will send request to server like below:


I want to add one query pair to this request mentioned above, how could i do that?

used file:




Thank you.

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You can add another hidden field inside the form e.g.,

<input type="hidden" name="param" value="value" />
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I actually find the line to do the trick: it use $('#openid_form').append('<input type="hidden"d="' + this.input_id + '" name="' + this.input_id + '" value="'+ url + '"/>'); to add one input dynamically, following this i can add another parameter just as the same. Thanks anyway. –  Mike Aug 19 '12 at 15:01
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