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I have a Java EE application with GlassFish and I would like to allow users to login with their openID and maintain their session. I have looked through many different online tutorials and none of them worked.

My problem is that when I add httpservlet-security-provider as instructed in several articles like below, I get http 500 error in my entire project with "WARNING: jmac.provider_unable_to_load_authmodule" as console message.

<sun-web-app error-url="" httpservlet-security-provider="OpenIDProvider">

Or, in openid4java's case, it's sample consumer has a function getServletContext() that isn't defined that I don't know what to do with.

Also, I have sun-web.xml but no web.xml, should this matter?

Could you some one tell me what am I doing wrong or am I even going in a right direction?

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I have writte some times ago a tutorial with openid4java and javaee/jsf: openid in a web application based on java ee and jsf 2-0 maybe that helps

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