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Is it possible to limit bandwidth of the Tomcat server? I need it to simulate site work on slow (dial-up) Internet connection. All tests are made in localhost.

Thanks for all!

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It's not possible in Tomcat, you should look somewhere outside for an HTTP proxy providing such functionality and tunnel your tests through that proxy. In worst case write such a proxy yourself, shouldn't take more than a dozen lines of code.

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I used Fiddler proxy –  ILYA Oct 20 '12 at 8:14

This is easily feasible in Tomcat by creating a valve.

Create a class that extends the ValveBase class from tomcat.

The code inside should be something like that:

 * {@inheritDoc}
public void invoke(final Request request, final Response response) 
                   throws IOException, ServletException {

    if (randomDelay != 0) {
        long delay = minDelay + randomizer.nextInt(randomDelay);
        try {
            if (LOGGER.isDebugEnabled()) {
                LOGGER.debug("sleeping for " + delay + " ms");
        } catch (InterruptedException e) {
            if (LOGGER.isDebugEnabled()) {
                LOGGER.debug("someone wake me up : " + e.getMessage());

    // let's continue !
    getNext().invoke(request, response);

Compile it in a jar you'll drop in the tomcat lib directory (usually {catalina.home}/lib).

Finally add the valve declaration in you server.xml:

<Server ...>
  <Service name="Catalina">
   <Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="localhost">
     <Host name="localhost" ...>
       <Valve className="tools.tomcat.RandomDelayValve" />


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