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so for the game I'm creating I have a few classes that extend GameDriver.

Up until this point, on all the other classes I've been able to extend GameDriver and then In GameDriver I can do:

ArrayList<Card>  library = new ArrayList<Card>();

Today I started on the GameAI class and I extended GameDriver, and when I put:

GameAI Enemy = new GameAI();

In the same spot I put the other line of code (Right below public class GameDriver)

I get:

at java.util.WeakHashMap.expungeStaleEntries(Unknown Source)
at java.util.WeakHashMap.getTable(Unknown Source)
at java.util.WeakHashMap.get(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Component.checkCoalescing(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Component.<init>(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Container.<init>(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Panel.<init>(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Panel.<init>(Unknown Source)
at java.applet.Applet.<init>(Unknown Source)
at GameDriver.<init>(
at GameAI.<init>(
at GameDriver.<init>(
at GameAI.<init>(

If I put it in the public void init() of my applet, then it doesn't give an error on run, but then I wouldn't be able to access it from my other methods, am I over looking something? All nighters normally don't help my brain...

This is what the GameAI looks like as of right now:

public class GameAI extends GameDriver {

    public int life;
    public int energy;

    public void drawPhase(){


    public GameAI(){
        life = 20;
        energy = 2;

And then some bits of the GameDriver:

public class GameDriver extends Applet implements MouseMotionListener,MouseListener {

Graphics g; 
Image offscreen;
Dimension dim; 

int playerLife = 20;
int playerEnergy = 8;

int xMouse; 
int yMouse;
int lineThickness = 4;
int handSize = 6;
int currentHover;
boolean slotHover;
int currentSelected;
boolean slotClicked;
int currentHoverBoard;
boolean slotHoverBoard;
boolean slotClickedBoard;
int currentSelectedBoard;

boolean canPlace;
ArrayList<Card>  library = new ArrayList<Card>();
ArrayList<Card>  hand = new ArrayList<Card>();
ArrayList<Card>  playerBoard = new ArrayList<Card>();
GameAI Enemy;
int[] handBoxX = new int[handSize];
int[] handBoxY = new int[handSize];
int[] handBoxW = new int[handSize];
int[] handBoxH = new int[handSize];

int[] playerBoardX = new int[8];
int[] playerBoardY = new int[8];
int[] playerBoardW = new int[8];
int[] playerBoardH = new int[8];

public void init(){
    this.setSize(640, 480);
    dim = this.getSize();

    GameAI Enemy = new GameAI();

    offscreen = createImage(this.getSize().width,this.getSize().height);
    g = offscreen.getGraphics(); 

public void checkEnemy(){

... Alot more methods and stuff below, but nothing to do with the GameAI enemy
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Can you post the code of your constructors? In particular GameAI and GameDriver – Lukas Eder Aug 19 '12 at 14:54
As of right now, GameAI is 100% blank, just a blank constructer, and then a blank method called drawPhase just to test out, as for GameDriver I'm not using the constructor – Jeremy Sayers Aug 19 '12 at 14:56
"StackOverflow" isn't just a cute name of a web site - it indicates a condition where you have overflowed the stack, and one of the most common ways to overflow the stack is to have an infinite loop of contructors, where the constructor of your object is causing another object to be created, and that's causing another object to be created, ad infinitum. – Paul Tomblin Aug 19 '12 at 14:56
@JeremySayers: Your stack trace indicates something else. The two constructors seem to be direclty inter-dependent. You can even see the line numbers where one calls the other. Note that if A extends B, then A will always call a super-constructor, even if you don't explicitly write that code. Please post their code – Lukas Eder Aug 19 '12 at 14:58
Posted up some code – Jeremy Sayers Aug 19 '12 at 15:04
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You're creating a GameAI object inside of GameDriver, the class it extends. This will cause recursion to continue until you run out of memory.

Solution: don't do this. Your GameAI class should not extend GameDriver as that's the wrong way to share information and it simply won't work even if you didn't have this recursion nightmare. Instead give GameAI a GameDriver field and pass the GameDriver instance into GameAI through its constructor.


class GameAI {
   private GameDriver gameDriver;

   public GameAI(GameDriver gameDriver) {
      this.gameDriver = gameDriver;

   //.... more code

Edit 2
If you want one GameAI object, you'd do

GameAI gameAi = new GameAI(this);

If you want an array or List of them, you'd do this in a loop.

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How should I be then? – Jeremy Sayers Aug 19 '12 at 15:20
@JeremySayers: see edit to answer – Hovercraft Full Of Eels Aug 19 '12 at 15:21
Ok so I get that part, but then in the GameDriver how do I create a GameAI object? Same way as usual? – Jeremy Sayers Aug 19 '12 at 15:23
@JeremySayers: see edit 2 – Hovercraft Full Of Eels Aug 19 '12 at 15:24
Thank you so much, I'm guessing I should do the same thing with my cards class? Haha – Jeremy Sayers Aug 19 '12 at 15:26

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