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For some reason I cannot use functions attached to the object I want to use. I added a comment to the line that is not working. As an error I get "Error; pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed" Please help

This is code in dokter.ccp

int counter = 0;        
for (list<Wielrenner*>::iterator it = wielrenners.begin(); it != wielrenners.end(); it++){
    Wielrenner* wielrennerOB = *it;
    cout << "\nID: " << counter;
    cout << "List size: " << persons.size() << endl;

    wielrennerOB->print();  // This is not working

This is code in wielrenner.h



//#include <fstream>

#include "persoon.h"

#include "Onderzoek.h"

class Wielrenner :
public Persoon
    Wielrenner(string, string, Adres, string, Datum, Datum, string, int, float, float, float,list<Onderzoek>* );
    int     getLengte() const;
    float   getGewicht() const;
    float   getVo2max() const;
    float   getMaxVermogen() const;
    list<Onderzoek> getOnderzoekenList();

    void    setLengte(int);
    void    setGewicht(float);
    void    setVo2max(float);
    void    setMaxVermogen(float);
    void    voegOnderzoekToeList(Onderzoek);
    void    showOnderzoeksList();
    void    setOnderzoeksLijst(list<Onderzoek>&);
    void    print();
    void    printFile(ofstream&);

int     lengte;
float   gewicht;
float   vo2max;
float   maxVermogen;
list<Onderzoek> onderzoeken;

#endif /* WIELRENNER_H_ */

code in wielrenner.CCP

using namespace std;
#include <string>

#include "Wielrenner.h"
#include "Onderzoek.h"

Wielrenner::Wielrenner(string voornaam, string achternaam, Adres adres, string telefoon, Datum datumInDienst, Datum geboorteDatum, 
                    string persoonType, int lengte, float gewicht, float vo2max, float maxVermogen,list<Onderzoek>* onderzoeken)
        : lengte(lengte), 
    Persoon(voornaam, achternaam, adres, telefoon, datumInDienst, geboorteDatum, persoonType)


//setten van gegevens
void    Wielrenner::setLengte(int newLengte){
lengte = newLengte;
void    Wielrenner::setGewicht(float newGewicht){
gewicht = newGewicht;
void    Wielrenner::setVo2max(float newVo2max){
vo2max = newVo2max;
void    Wielrenner::setMaxVermogen(float newMaxVermogen){
maxVermogen = newMaxVermogen;
void    Wielrenner::voegOnderzoekToeList(Onderzoek newOnderzoek){

void    Wielrenner::showOnderzoeksList(){
int teller=0;

for (list<Onderzoek>::iterator it = onderzoeken.begin(); it != onderzoeken.end();     it++){
    Onderzoek onderzoekOB = *it;
    cout << teller << " - ";

void    Wielrenner::setOnderzoeksLijst(list<Onderzoek>& newOnderzoeksLijst){
onderzoeken = newOnderzoeksLijst;

void    Wielrenner::print(){

cout << "(" << persoonID << ") Persoon: " << endl;
cout << persoonType << endl;
cout << voornaam << " " << achternaam << endl;
cout << telefoon << endl;
cout << "Datum in dienst: ";
cout << "Geboortedatum: ";
cout << "> Extra wielrenner gegevens: " << endl;
cout << "Lengte: " << lengte << endl;
cout << "Gewicht: " << gewicht << endl;
cout << "vo2max: " << vo2max << endl;
cout << "maxVermogen: " << maxVermogen << endl;
void Wielrenner::printFile(ofstream &myfile){

myfile <<  persoonID << "\n";
myfile << persoonType << "\n";
myfile << voornaam << " " << achternaam << "\n";
myfile << telefoon << "\n";
myfile << lengte << "\n";
myfile << gewicht << "\n";
myfile << vo2max << "\n";
myfile << maxVermogen << "\n";
// returnen van gegevens

int     Wielrenner::getLengte() const{
return lengte;
float   Wielrenner::getGewicht() const{
return gewicht;
float   Wielrenner::getVo2max() const{
return vo2max;
float   Wielrenner::getMaxVermogen() const{
return maxVermogen;
list<Onderzoek> Wielrenner::getOnderzoekenList(){
return onderzoeken;
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Usually I get this error if I have forward declared that class in the .h file and failed to include the full header file for the class in the .cpp file – mathematician1975 Aug 19 '12 at 15:29
Have you included the header? And have you made sure that no other header uses the same include guard (WIELRENNER_H_)? And is the class called Person or Persoon, or do you have classes with both names? – Mike Seymour Aug 19 '12 at 15:31
-1 Question omit all code that could poinpoint the problem. The problem is still clear (wielrennerOB has been declared as a pointer to incomplete type), but not due to the OP's efforts. After I wrote that OP has updated and changed the question, but I still keep the downvote: it's a mess, and translating parts of the code from one natural language to another to make it more "clear", jeez. – Cheers and hth. - Alf Aug 19 '12 at 15:32
Looks like you forgot to include wielrenner.h in dokter.cpp . – molbdnilo Aug 19 '12 at 17:59
@Cheersandhth.-Alf: I don't think he's translating someone else's source code, I think he tried to translate his own source code to English for our benefit. – KRyan Aug 19 '12 at 18:02
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An "incomplete class" is one declared but not defined. E.g.

class Wielrenner;

as opposed to

class Wielrenner
    /* class members */

You need to #include "wielrenner.h" in dokter.ccp

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I have done this class Wielrenner; at the header file for the cpp (where the code is) – Sharpless512 Aug 19 '12 at 15:34
@Sharpless512: dokter.ccp needs #include "wielrenner.h" in it, so that it knows the details of the class. It looks like dokter.h just has class Wielrenner; in it, hence the incomplete class error. – KRyan Aug 19 '12 at 18:04
thanks for giving me the idea to find out the header file declare the function that triggered the error and include the header file – V-SHY Feb 13 '15 at 15:18

I came accross the same problem and solved it by checking my #includes. If you use QKeyEvent you have to make sure that you also include it.

I had a class like this and my error appeared when working with "event"in the .cpp file.


    #include <QKeyEvent> // adding this import solved the problem.

    class MyClass : public QWidget

      MyClass(QWidget* parent = 0);
      virtual ~QmitkHelpOverlay();
        virtual void  keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent* event);
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One thing to check for...

If your class is defined as a typedef:

typedef struct myclass { };

Then you try to refer to it as struct myclass anywhere else, you'll get Incomplete Type errors left and right. It's sometimes a mistake to forget the class/struct was typedef'ed. If that's the case, remove "struct" from:

typedef struct mystruct {}...

struct mystruct *myvar = value;

Instead use...

mystruct *myvar = value;

Common mistake.

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