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I have noticed that some vim distributions like janus automagically add some dots/marks for ruby indenting e.g.

 .....module Models
 .......class User < Base     

I did try some ruby .vimrc examples for ruby but I don't seem to find something similar.

Is there a simple way to have this without having to use a full vim distribution e.g. with a simple .vimrc configuration ?

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The simple way would be to set listchars for leading spaces. But that's not supported. Only trailing spaces could be highlighted with listchars. –  eckes Aug 19 '12 at 16:08

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Try with: set list listchars=tab:\ \ ,trail:·, it will show all trailing tabs and spaces with dots.

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thank you ! seems indeed to be the same of the janus pre-configuration (or at least visually it seems so) and it works fine. –  devnull Aug 19 '12 at 17:49

If :echo has("conceal") returns 1 then your vim is compiled with and can use conceal. Then you should be able to use

set conceallevel=1
syn match Conceal /\s/ conceal cchar=·
hi Conceal guibg=black
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