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The ViewModel class:

class MyViewModel : ViewModelBase, INotifyPropertyChanged
    public string SomeText { get{...} set {...}}
    public AnyNonMVVMControl MyControl { get {...} set {...}}

The Window XAML:

<TextBlock Text="{Binding SomeText}" />
<??? Content="{Binding MyControl}" /> <!-- how to bind MyControl to the View? -->

Assign the Model

window.DataContext = new MyViewModel(...);

I have a Control, which isn´t designed for MVVM. Rendering and Data are strongly coupled (bad design solution). I have this control in my viewmodel and want to bind it to my window. But I don´t want to add the Control directly in the XAML, because this control contains also business logic and data -> I need to access it in the viewmodel for performing actions.

So, how to "add" the control via Bindings to the window?

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Exposing a control from a view model is not MVVM, btw. – Will Aug 19 '12 at 19:33
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Use ContentPresenter or ContentControl:

<ContentControl Content="{Binding MyControl}" />
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