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If I schedule next frame render performed with CARenderer to occur using a constant 1./60., everything is working fine. -[CARenderer nextFrameTime] method is supposed to provide a more fine-grained feedback on when the render should be happening.

Getting the media time for the next scheduled animated occurrence, or infinity in case there is nothing scheduled to occur, is a great solution to rendering even if nothing is happening.

However, now that the timer no longer fires (since I got infinity as the result), no animation at all occurs even upon user-initiated changes performed through event handlers. I have no idea how to get notified that a change has occurred in the layer tree and how to initiate the next render, even if it's unscheduled.

Observing nextFrameTime via KVO does not work (not that I expected it to). For my use case, hosting the layer in an NSView is not an option.

How would I know that a change has occurred in the layer tree (or on an animation in the layer tree), so I can trigger rendering?

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