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I'm a tapestry5 user with a question about the use of services inside extended classes. Lets say I have the following class structure,


public class BaseClassImpl extends ExtendedOneClass implements BaseClass {

   private ServiceOne serviceOne;


public class ExtendedOneClass extends ExtendedTwoClass {

   private ServiceTwo serviceTwo;


public class ExtendedTwoClas {

   private ServiceThree serviceThree;

What would I need to do to to be able to use services inside the extended class?

I setup my AppModule like so

public static void bind(ServiceBinder binder) {
    binder.bind(BaseClass.class, BaseClassImpl.class);

But I can't seem to get the services to work inside the extended class. I'm assuming this is because the extended class hasn't been instantiated with tapestry's @Inject. So the question is how do you accomplish this task?

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Use constructor injection and pass the services to the parent constructor:

public class BaseClassImpl extends ExtendedOneClass implements BaseClass
   private HibernateSessionSource hibernateSessionSource;

   public BaseClassImpl(SystemEnvironment systemEnvironment, LinkSource linkSource, 
                        HibernateSessionSource hibernateSessionSource)
       super(systemEnvironment, linkSource);

Anyway your setup will not work, you need to add service ids in this setup, because otherwise you'll have multiple services implementing the same interface. This should help:


In combination with this:

private ExtendedOneClass extendedOneClass;
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