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if returned result single result each method fail - how code can be improved?

The case:

controller action:

@results= Person.find_by_name('Ben');


<% if nil!=@results %>
    <% @results.each do |r| %>
       <h2>courses:</h2> <a href="/course/<%= %>/"><%= %></a>
    <% end %>
<% else %>
       <h2>no results</h2>
<% end %>


undefined method `each' for #<Person id: 2, name: "Ben">


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find_by_name will only return 1 answer so you can't loop though it –  DJ Forth Aug 19 '12 at 19:06

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A common idiom is to use Array()

@results = Array(Person.find_by_name('Ben'))

Array() will always return something that's enumerable, even if it's nil.

Then you can keep the rest of your code the same. But I would suggest cleaning it up a bit using the rails helper present?

<% if @results.present? %>
<% else %>
   <h2>no results</h2>
<% end %>
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Chek it with type before you loop:

if !@results.is_a?(Person) && !@results.blank?
  # loop through them all as you are doing...
elsif !@results.blank? #still avoiding the possible nil error here
  # print out for a single record
  # there are no results

You always want to make sure its not blank (nil or empty), but the first check assures that you dont have a person object and if its not blank that means ActiveRecord returned an array of person objects for you.

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Type checking is not the typical way things are done in rails/ruby –  Dty Aug 20 '12 at 2:14

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