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I have a form , with 5 textboxes, 1 radiobutton group (4 radiobuttons) , and a submit button, i added some "code behind" to handle cases where a user doesnt fill in all the fields,

something like

 if (question.Value == "") // question = a textbox with runat=server property
  // handle error

the problem is that, the 1st time i fill the form,and click submit, it always sends empty values :S in other words. the above snippet of code will always be true :S can some1 explain to me where did i go wrong ?

note: if the same question been asked before.. please link me..

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You might want to check and see if you databinding on your button post back is not blanking out your textboxes. You can use;

    // more code here

to make sure that your input items keep their values when you click your button.

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@chris: hmm, somehow u helped me figure out the issue, the problem was that i had a a piece of code that clears the data on pageload() :D seems like it was causing the uproar... i just added a clear form button instead :D – Madi D. Jul 29 '09 at 21:04

Assuming question is a textbox, you want question.Text

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@ chris : .. it works after the 1st postback.. so i assume i am using the right properties :).. – Madi D. Jul 29 '09 at 21:00

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