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I'm trying to use Zepto JS instead of jQuery for a project but Zepto JS's lack of a "queue" system like jQuery's is making things difficult for me. Has anyone made a plugin/port of jQuery's queue stuff for use with Zepto JS? Or, if not, is there a similar 3rd party alternative I could use instead?

Thanks in advance for any advice/help with this!

FYI this is a spin-off of the question from here: using zepto, is it possible to queue animations?

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i'am looking for a good solution too.

em, right now, i choose to make it by myself, just wrap a module out of zepto's animation module.

so you should code a queue by yourself, maybe it's a good time to learn who to handler animation :)

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This gist worked for me. As it says, it is just a copy-paste from the JQuery source code.

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