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i have iframe that shows content from the page that is not mine. In that iframe exists some links. When user clicks on links, they open inside iframe. I want them to open in current window (parent window).

I have found solution to add


to links, but i cant do that, becouse iframed page is not mine, and i cant edit that page.

Is there some way to do this, to open links from iframe in parent window?

Or js/jquery code to find all links on that page and add them attribut target?

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where is your usage example? – Barlas Apaydin Aug 19 '12 at 20:27
Well, there is not much to put here: just one iframe. – SomeoneS Aug 19 '12 at 20:30
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Unfortunatley it is not possible to query the content of an <iframe> which origin is from a different server. The only thing what you could do is to "proxy" the page through a server-side script (with PHP or something) before outputting it:

  • request the page using "cURL" or something similar
  • parse the content for your needs (like setting the target-attribute on all links)
  • output it back to the page's iframe

Finally the <iframe> could look like this: <iframe src="myproxy.php"></iframe>

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