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Got a bit of a pickle of a question - I'm sure fairly straight forward if I just knew the correct way to ask Google.

I've been getting the hang of LESS lately and originally installed it globally through NPM, i.e. npm install lessc -g to use with an initializer project - running lessc less/style.less style.css like a champ before I deploy it off my local computer.

Loving it - working great - decide to use LESS with a separate rails project - add the gem 'less-rails' to the project - bundle install - get it rolling and working smoothly.

Unfortunately now that I've gone back to my initializer project - lessc less/style.less style.css throws an error message that references RVM and Bulder.

Eventually I found a workaround by installing LESSC locally with npm install lessc -g and running node_modules/less/bin/lessc less/style.less style.css but this is a pain.

So: How do I get LESSC back to working exclusively with Node and ignoring all that RVM / Ruby / Bundler crap?


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Ok - I was able to do this by adding a variable to my .bash_profile file in my user directory that pointed at the global node installation of LESS.

Basically adding

export lessc=~/.npm/less/1.3.0/package/bin/lessc

to .bash_profile or .profile or .bashrc in your user directory. And running source ~/.bash_profile.

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