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I'm currently facing strange problems with Android's font Roboto. At first I had two TextViews in one horizontal LinearLayout, centered both vertically and horizontally. The first TextView was set font Roboto-Black.ttf and the second was Roboto-Light.ttf. Both was set to textSize="12sp", but the one with Roboto-Light.ttf was just a pixel higher then the Roboto-Black.ttf TextView. But it didn't happen when I've set textSize="13sp". So I've created new Android project, just to be sure it's not only in the one application. The result is almost identical, but in this case, textSize="12sp" works as expected but textSize="13sp" doesn't. I've made screenshots to show the issue.

12sp works as expected. Top edges align. image

13sp has this strange behavior. image

Strange is, that this happens only when I try to mix thin and thick lined variants. When I make one TextView Roboto-Bold.ttf and second Roboto-Black.ttf, result is good. When I try Roboto-Light.ttf and Roboto-Thin.ttf, it also work properly.

So I also tried to test this in photoshop and this is what I found:


It's the same for all fonts from Roboto family, except for the Roboto-Light.ttf. I can also post source code for the layout if needed.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I'm sorry for the links but due to low reputation (brand new account) I can't post images. Also in the last link i had to remove the "h" from "http", because it didn't allow me more than two links.

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I guess there is nothing you can do about that but try to play with the sizes and use like 12.9sp for the bigger one. – zapl Aug 19 '12 at 21:58
Thanks for the images. Anyway, this isn't the best approach as I can't predict how it will behave when those SP are calculated to pixels. I tried 18 and 19 pixels for the textSize (on my hdpi device it's equal to 12sp) and I got the same, wrong result. My point is that on smaller (or larger) screens there might be the same issue even if I'll use 12.9sp for example. – Tadeas Kriz Aug 19 '12 at 22:30
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I can't tell you if its the fonts or how your phone interprets the fonts and displays them on the screen but I can tell you that I've had issues with centering views in the middle before.

Have you tried using a relativelayout and then align the second textviews top and bot with the first textview? That might solve the problem.

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Good idea, I'll definitely try that and get back with results. – Tadeas Kriz Aug 22 '12 at 13:02
Thank you! I made them into RelativeLayout with android:gravity="center", then made the one on right side align on top and bottom. One more thing above your solution was, I had to set android:gravity="bottom" to both TextViews. Thanks for your help. – Tadeas Kriz Aug 22 '12 at 22:55

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