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I am developing a .NET application (using C#) that needs to massage some Adobe InDesign files and output their content as PDFs. I could use InDesign's scripting but the COM interfaces seem a bit cleaner for this non-interactive work.

Unfortunately, I have to guess at the semantics of InDesign's COM interfaces because I don't know where they're documented. I can't find anything on Adobe's support site.

So the question: Where do I go for semantics of InDesign's COM interfaces?

Thanks in advance, everyone.

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I finally found something close to what I needed. Since InDesign's COM classes are really the same thing as its Javascript interface:

Scripting Tutorial for CS3

JavaScript Reference for CS3

The interfaces haven't changed very much from CS3 to CS4. Sadly, almost all of the methods take object arguments so it is hard to write useful code in strongly typed languages without a lot of casting.

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