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I am developing a checkers game in j2me. Uptill now, I am using Negamax, But its so slow(with alpha-beta cutoff). I was searching Stack and came to know the term"principal variation search". The post had this link: chessprogramming

The negamax which I am using is this:

 public double Negamax(int[] board, int depth, int turn, double alpha, double beta){
//check for depth, if its zero then call evaluation()
//generate moves
newScore = -Negamax(newBoard, depth - 1, opponent(turn), -beta, -alpha);
//alpha-beta cutoff

The problem: Puesocode from Wiki is: pvs

Now I am confused how to use pvs. Should I use it inside negamax, Or instead of negamax. Its header is also confusing, as it accepts a node, not the whole chackers board.

function pvs(node, depth, α, β)

I am not willing to use transposition table, as I am developing a mobile app. Thanks

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A node is the whole checkers board, together with the player information, so it represents the parameters board and turn in your implementation –  Niklas B. Aug 19 '12 at 23:00
And I should use pvs instead of Negamax, right? –  E1T1 Aug 21 '12 at 3:20

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