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This is a weird one. I have a GPS device which is kicking back this info:

Lon:115.91080W Lat:5222.70110N

It can also kick this back as a Google maps link, which shows this:

Lon:-1.26518 Lat:+52.37835

Can anyone suggest how the system converts between the two data points internally? I found this stack overflow thread which seems somewhat similar but the conversions don't seem to add up :S

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That post works for me assuming the format is DDMM.MMMM (D=degrees, M=minutes)

115.91080W -> 1 + 15.91080/60 = 1.26518 (W -> -) = -1.26518 5222.7011N -> 52 + 22.7011/60 = 52.3783516666666 (N -> +) = +52.37835

Why do you think the "conversions don't seem to add up"?

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Ah, you're right! I was taking the bit after the decimal as seconds but I see now that it is Degrees followed by decimal minutes. Thanks :) –  phil-lavin Aug 19 '12 at 22:40

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