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I have a UITableView that I just added to my project and the option is not appearing for me to choose the content (dynamic prototypes or static cells). I have used UITableViews in other iOS projects, but for some reason it's not appearing this time. I'm using XCode 4.4.1.

Here is the a screenshot of the way it looks in another project:

A working example from another project

Here is the screenshot of in the project I'm working in now where it's not appearing:

Screenshot that is missing properties

Does anyone know what I am missing? I can't figure out what I have done differently.

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It seems like they have merged Content dynamic with Style, Does your old project has "Custom" option in style? – doNotCheckMyBlog Aug 20 '12 at 1:25
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Those options only appear for TableViews in storyboards. For some reason, you can't edit those properties on a UITableView in a nib file.

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