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How to convert from long long to int and the other way back in c++ ?? also what are the properties of long long , especially its maximum size, thank in advance ..

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Type long long is typically 64 bits.

Type int is likely to be 32 bits, but not on all machines.

If you cast an int to a long long, you can do

my_long_long = (long long) my_int

and it will be just fine. If you go the other direction, like

my_int = (int) my_long_long

and the int is smaller than 64-bits, it won't be able to hold all the information, so the result may not be correct.

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Does it just truncate the higher order bits when casting to a smaller size? –  adu Nov 19 '13 at 11:54

Size of int is only 2 bytes whereas the other one is usually larger than int. So if you are looking to convert long into int then you would end up loosing information. But the other way is possible without sacrificing the correctness of information. Suppose a is of long type and b is of int type. Then int to long covertion:a=(long)b; . For other way:b=(int)a;.

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