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I want to "clear" my working directory for the moment (less space requirements for SSD and drive backups)

Specifically, I want to know if I can update to revision -1 (so that mercurial clears everything that is not itself).

Can this be done using a mercurial command? (I'll write a script if I have too, but it's advantageous to share a command with others rather than writing scripts that do the "right" thing)

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If you run hg update null, it should remove everything except the .hg directory and any files not tracked by the repository.

If there were untracked files you can remove them as well using hg purge. Purge is an extension but it is distributed together with mecurial so you just have to enable it.

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If you have uncommitted changes and don't care about preserving them, hg update -C null will take care of getting rid of them; all you will have left after this are the .hg directory and untracked files.

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