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I've been searching this web-site and other sources for an answer, but haven't found anything useful. I need the simplest solution, as I am only just starting to learn MVC and AJAX. I have a grid that retreives it's records from a database, each row contains the generated links in separate columns: "Edit" and "Delete". The actual record names also come up as links, which contain the id of it's corresponding record: .../ItemType/ItemDetails/1 . Now I want to take this id and pass it into Controller when it's being clicked. The links are not wrapped with names, so I couldn't think of how I would call a click function on it?

$("#<link I want>").click()

and then pass the whole href and get the last character of the string? Or may be there are other ways?

I then want to use this id, to find the record and populate the textbox and drop-down with it's values

$("#txtItemName").val(<value from controller>)
$("#txtItemPrice").val(<value from controller>)
$("#ItemTypes").selected value = <value from controller>

I just have absolutely no idea in how to pass the information to controller and back in one go, so that I can update the partial view.

I'm interested in any sort of helpful information be it ideas of how to achieve it some other way, or examples, or solutions. Thank you.

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You could use something simple like HTML5 data attributes. For example, say this is your link

<a href="ItemType/ItemDetails/1" data-item-id="1">Item Name</a>

Using jQuery's data() method, you can get the ID

$('#<link I want>').click(function() {
    var id = $(this).data('item-id');
    // and so on
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