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<div id="checkout-review-table-wrapper">
  <table class="data-table" id="checkout-review-table" width="100%">
<col width="1">
<col width="1">
<col width="1">
  <tr class="first last">
    <th rowspan="1">Product Name</th>
    <th colspan="1" class="a-center">Price</th>
    <th rowspan="1" class="a-center">Qty</th>
    <th colspan="1" class="a-center">Subtotal</th>
  <tr class="first">
    <td style="" class="a-right" colspan="3"> Subtotal </td>
    <td style="" class="a-right last"><span class="price">AU$891.00</span></td>
    <td style="" class="a-right" colspan="3"> Delivery (Free Shipping - Fixed) </td>
    <td style="" class="a-right last"><span class="price">AU$0.00</span></td>
  <tr class="last">
    <td style="" class="a-right" colspan="3"><strong>Grand Total</strong></td>
    <td style="" class="a-right last"><strong><span class="price">AU$891.00</span></strong></td>
  <tr class="first odd">
    <td><h3 class="product-name">Portland Polo T</h3>
      <dl class="item-options">
        <dt>Men Tops Size</dt>
        <dd>XL </dd>
    <td><span class="cart-price"> <span class="price">AU$99.00</span> </span></td>
    <td class="a-center">3</td>
    <td class="last"><span class="cart-price"> <span class="price">AU$297.00</span> </span></td>
  <tr class="even">
    <td><h3 class="product-name">Graphite Hooded Vest</h3>
      <dl class="item-options">
        <dt>Men Tops Size</dt>
        <dd>XL </dd>
    <td><span class="cart-price"> <span class="price">AU$99.00</span> </span></td>
    <td class="a-center">2</td>
    <td class="last"><span class="cart-price"> <span class="price">AU$198.00</span> </span></td>
  <tr class="last odd">
    <td><h3 class="product-name">Radar Low Loose</h3>
      <dl class="item-options">
        <dt>Men Jean Sizing</dt>
        <dd>28/30 </dd>
    <td><span class="cart-price"> <span class="price">AU$99.00</span> </span></td>
    <td class="a-center">4</td>
    <td class="last"><span class="cart-price"> <span class="price">AU$396.00</span> </span></td>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">


var pure = {};
pure = jQuery.noConflict(true);
pure('#checkout-review-table tbody tr td:nth-child('+c+')').each(function() {
   output += pure(this).text();



It gives all data of a column at a time. I need to get 4 column data of each row at a time. I mean first-row first-column, first-row second-column, first-row third-column, first-row fourth-column, second-row first-column and so on upto 12 data. I couldn't make any change changes in the above table neither add any class as it is a self generated table. I would appreciate your help.

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I am utterly flabbergasted. For once, the markup is actually irrelevant. Iterate over the rows instead of the c-th columns. It's actually significantly simpler than what you've got. – Matt Ball Aug 20 '12 at 3:54
Also, you should use a for loop instead of a while loop; like this: for (c=0; c<4; c++){}. – LonelyWebCrawler Aug 20 '12 at 3:57
Just start with something like pure('#checkout-review-table tbody tr').each(function(i) { console.log('num '+i+' : '+pure(this).text()); }); and drop the while loop. FIDDLE ... – adeneo Aug 20 '12 at 4:00

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