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I am developing iPad application using phonegap (cordova 1.9.0). I need to get current position of the user. I used following code and it works fine when Location services are enabled.

function onDeviceReady() {  
 navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(onSuccess, onError);   

function onSuccess(position) {
 console.log(position.coords.latitude + "-" + position.coords.longitude);

  function onError(error) {   
     alert('code: '    + error.code           
      'message: ' + error.message + '\n');  

My problem is that this code not working when Location services are disabled. I need to get current location if Location service are enabled or disabled.

Anyone tell me how to get current location in this situtation?

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You can't get the current location when location services are disabled. That would be a violation of a user's privacy. The point of disabling location services on a device is to prevent applications from getting the current location.

What I've done is display my own dialog with a lengthy explanation of why I need location services before calling getCurrentPosition(). I explain that the app won't work without it. I also say something like:

Your device may also ask you for permission.

This increases the chances of someone saying yes to the iPhone dialog.

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So how can i do my requement? –  Puma Aug 20 '12 at 4:42
You can't. The best you can do is tell the user that location services are required to run the application. –  ThinkingStiff Aug 20 '12 at 4:42
Thank you.. It is the best way.thanks –  Puma Aug 20 '12 at 7:10

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