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im trying to build a new installer project using visual studio 2010, problem is that the installation's files should be taken relatively to project's location, so i guess i need to specifiy a relative path, e.g: "..\..\..\some_folder\veryImportant.dll"

the problem is that the installer project is providing me only with a .vdproj file which doesn't contain location/paths to any of the manually added files(when i do right click on the project and add new files).

just to make sure my question is clear enough:

let say my project sits under d:\develop\backend\MainProject\Project\Installer. i would like to import some DLLs from d:\develop\backend\MainProject\SDKDLLs

adding them manually by specifying their absolute location isn't good for me


thanks for your help.

Edit: After reviewing the project's file abit deeper, i realized the paths are already relative:

        "SourcePath" = "8:..\\..\\a\\b\\c\\d\\e\\f.dll"
        "TargetName" = "8:f.dll"
        "Tag" = "8:"
        "Folder" = "8:_34476923AC9546E4B47A8B966C915E0B"
        "Condition" = "8:"
        "Transitive" = "11:FALSE"
        "Vital" = "11:TRUE"
        "ReadOnly" = "11:FALSE"
        "Hidden" = "11:FALSE"
        "System" = "11:FALSE"
        "Permanent" = "11:FALSE"
        "SharedLegacy" = "11:FALSE"
        "PackageAs" = "3:1"
        "Register" = "3:1"
        "Exclude" = "11:FALSE"
        "IsDependency" = "11:FALSE"
        "IsolateTo" = "8:"

it seems like the wizard already does it automatically, is there a way from me to specify the relative-location manually and not by editing the .vdproj file?

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Could you show the content of vsproj file? I think that you can solve your problem with HintPath –  outcoldman Aug 20 '12 at 6:10
@outcoldman: it's a project among many others, so the vsproj is quite big, you still want me to past it here? edit: i posted a piece of the vdproj file –  igal k Aug 20 '12 at 6:16
@igalk, are you asking about adding files to the .vdproj programmatically? –  Simon MᶜKenzie Aug 20 '12 at 6:24
@igalk, in my Visual Studio, the "Add Existing File" option always pops up in the project folder, 2 levels above the \bin\Debug folder, and I can certainly write "..\..\etc.dll", so can't you do the same thing but exclude two levels of .. references? –  Simon MᶜKenzie Aug 20 '12 at 6:39
@SimonMcKenzie: just realized that my original edit, actually answered my own question. the VS already stores the paths relative and appereantly saves the absolute path in a global variable or so, according to the vdproj, represented as '8:' which probably means path to the debug/release directory –  igal k Aug 20 '12 at 7:19

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The project is already initialized with relative paths. so infact, no changes should be done by me.

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