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According to this, Google Apps can "Fetch resources and communicate with other hosts over the Internet". I would like to access my couchdb instances using OAuth. CouchDB supports OAuth. What I am planning to do is this:

  1. Enable the OAuth authentication handler in the CouchDB config: {couch_httpd_oauth, oauth_authentication_handler}
  2. Define a database reader for the databases that I want to make available.
  3. Test the setup with a scripting tool.
  4. Setup the Google App application to use the CouchDB OAuth authorizing user.

Does somebody here have comments on this particular setup? Can somebody provide a simple test script (preferably python) to access an OAuth 1.0 endpoint?

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For CouchDB OAuth example in python you could use script from wiki page about OAuth authorization.

However, since it written in one-liner style, here is flow version:

import oauth
import httplib

CONSUMER_KEY = 'example.com'

consumer = oauth.OAuthConsumer(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET)
token = oauth.OAuthToken(TOKEN, SECRET)
req = oauth.OAuthRequest.from_consumer_and_token(
    consumer, token=token, http_method='GET', http_url=URL, parameters={}
req.sign_request(oauth.OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1(), consumer,token)

con = httplib.HTTPConnection('localhost', 5984)
con.request('GET', URL,headers=req.to_header())
print con.getresponse().read()
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