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I,ve a git repository folder in which I clone other git repository. Well how the main repo can ignore sub-repositories in git add -A command ?

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Maybe you should consider using git submodules? – Nils Magne Lunde Aug 20 '12 at 6:21
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unstage files

git reset HEAD

and clean index

git rm --cached -r repo1

add repo1 as a submodule, create a file .gitmodules contains below

[submodule "repo1"]
      path = repo1
      url = git://

More about git cache, stage and index

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A nested git repo will be "ignored" by default by any git add made in the enclosing repo.
Actually, as explained in "Git repository in a git repository", the parent rpeo would track the nested git repo state through a gitlink.

But you shouldn't need to ignore explicitly anything when doing your git add -A command.

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use git ignore for the folders where the repository is located

.gitignore file:

bin folderA picture.png

for example

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