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I have a perl module : which has a subroutine check :

package abc::abcUtil
require ""
sub check {
   // PERL_DEBUG is in

When I execute this , it works fine, But when i use this pm in another perl:

require ""
use abc::abcUtil
sub func {

Here, if I call func(), I get this error :

"Undefined subroutine &abc::abcUtil::PERL_DEBUG .."

There are other direct occurrences of PERL_DEBUG in this perl file which are working fine.

What might be wrong ?


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I believe your problem is that if you have two require statements for the same file in your program, the file is only brought in once. So, in this case it is only being brought in to your main file. Therefore, the module can't see it.

require with a file name is not really a sophisticated mechanism for including code. It is basically a step above eval. If you want to have your own library of common functions that can be used in both places, just make them into a module. Then you will have no problem.

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Yes, the problem is due to two require statements. If i remove the require statement from the base perl, it works fine. But that was just a test. I need the in both the files and also since the subroutines that i require are already present in, i do not want to rewrite it to a module. Is there any other way around this problem ? – user1602400 Aug 21 '12 at 11:31

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