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Basically I have following architecture:

  • Website-project (1)
  • Domain-project (2)
  • Api-project (3)


  • 1 uses 2 and 3
  • 3 uses 2
  • 2 uses nothing

In my Api-project I define a concrete implementation of ServiceStack.Webhost.Endpoints.AppHostBase, eg ApiAppHost:

public sealed class ApiAppHost : AppHostBase
    private ApiAppHost()
        : base("Description", typeof (ApiAppHost).Assembly) {}

    public override void Configure(Container container)
        this.SetConfig(new EndpointHostConfig
            ServiceStackHandlerFactoryPath = "api"

        this.Routes.Add<Foo>("/foo", "POST");

    public static void Initialize()
        var instance = new ApiAppHost();

This is pretty straight-forward.

Now I want to query my this.Routes (in combination with EndpointHostConfig.ServiceStackHandlerFactoryPath) from my Website-project to get the specific path for Foo.

How can I do that without creating an interceptor on my own? Does ServiceStack.Net provide anything which fits?

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Currently I am doing something like this

public static class AppHostBaseExtensions
    public static string GetUrl<TRequest>(this AppHostBase appHostBase)
        var requestType = typeof (TRequest);

        return appHostBase.GetUrl(requestType);

    public static string GetUrl(this AppHostBase appHostBase, Type requestType)
        var endpointHostConfig = appHostBase.Config;
        var serviceStackHandlerFactoryPath = endpointHostConfig.ServiceStackHandlerFactoryPath;

        var serviceRoutes = appHostBase.Routes as ServiceRoutes;
        if (serviceRoutes == null)
            throw new NotSupportedException("Property Routes of AppHostBase is not of type ServiceStack.ServiceHost.ServiceRoutes");
        var restPaths = serviceRoutes.RestPaths;
        var restPath = restPaths.FirstOrDefault(arg => arg.RequestType == requestType);
        if (restPath == null)
            return null;

        var path = restPath.Path;
        var virtualPath = "~/" + string.Concat(serviceStackHandlerFactoryPath, path); // bad, i know, but combining with 2 virtual paths ...
        var absolutePath = VirtualPathUtility.ToAbsolute(virtualPath);

        return absolutePath;

I know that it is wrong because of many issues (path-combining, not taking rest-paths into account, not taking rest-paths with placeholders into account), but it works as a start ...

Edit: And this only works, if you register the route within Configure(Container) of your AppHostBase-implementation. It wont't work with the RestServiceAttribute-attribute ...

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