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I have a facebook application which posts on users activity feed as soon as the user uses my website. I am also trying to show the activity of users' friend on my website. For this , I am fetching back the feeds being posted by my application on facebook for his friends.

However, the problem is , in the first request , I am getting the list of all the friends of the respective user who have installed my application. Once, I get this list, I am able to get his friends, however, only one at a time.

So, if a user has 50 of his friends using my website, it will take 50 request to show him his friends activity. Is there a way in facebook open graph to fetch the list of all feeds of all friends together, or, using least number of requests ?

Please suggest some ways to do the same.

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If you are using FQL to grab the data, you can use WHERE uid IN (…,…,…) to select data for more than one user at once.

And with FQL you can do multi-queries, or using the API you can do batch requests; to reduce the number of HTTP requests necessary to get the data.

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Can you be a bit more precise about the batch requests you mentioned ? –  Prashant Singh Aug 20 '12 at 8:37
Great ! I will do now. This problem has been resolved. Can you help me in this also ? Please comment, if, I am not unclear in asking my doubt there. stackoverflow.com/questions/11877207/… –  Prashant Singh Aug 20 '12 at 8:44

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