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I have a multipage jquerymobile website with a list on the first page. Each element of the list points to a second page which content depends on which list element has been pressed. In the specific I have a alist of "locations" in the first page and the detail of the specific location in the second.

<ul id="location_list" data-role="listview">
    <li><a href="#location_page" data-id="1231">Location 1</a></li>
    <li><a href="#location_page" data-id="4056>Location 2</a></li>
    <li><a href="#location_page" data-id="7569">Location 3</a></li>

Where the data-id attribute is the location identifier. To pass paramenters I added a jQuery function on the list elements which find out the pressed element data-id value and store it int a variable in the window variable before calling the next page.

    window.location_id = $(this).data("id");

The second page will read the value in window.location_id and show the right content.

Everything works fine until I refresh the second page. If I do that the variable I used to pass the paramenters is (correctly) empty and nocontent is loaded. I tried to pass the value in the URL of the page (linking the list with href="#location_page?locid=1231") and parse the document.location value but it does not work on page to page itaration (if I print the URL the second page has I have just "#location_page" instead of "#location_page?locid=1231")

Can anyone help me solving my problem? Maybe with a better way to pass paramenters between pages or a way to make post passing paramenters works.

Thanks for your help.

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There is a better way of passing the parameters.

jQuery.data() works by attaching the data to the DOM (like you did with id: <a ... data-id=""></a>). Because jQuery Mobile never refreshes and uses AJAX for page switching, that data is available throughout your mobile application/website, but once a page refreshes, the DOM is reloaded and it knows nothing about the data that was previously attached.

What I believe you should do is the following. Create a locations.html page for the list and a location-details.html page for a specific location's details. Then you could easily pass the data through the URL.


<!-- locations.html -->
<ul id="locations_list" data-role="listview">
        <a href="location-details.html?id=1">Location 1</a>
        <a href="location-details.html?id=2">Location 2</a>
        <a href="location-details.html?id=3">Location 3</a>
        <a href="location-details.html?id=4">Location 4</a>
        <a href="location-details.html?id=5">Location 5</a>

<!-- location-details.html -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).on('pageinit', function () {
        function setupLocationDetails () {
            var location_id = $.mobile.path.parseUrl($(location).attr('href')).search.replace('?id=', '');

            // Do whatever you need to do here.

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@Matt07: Please accept this answer if it helped you. Thank you. –  jonathanmarvens Aug 20 '12 at 9:10
It doesn't work to me. It just work if I refresh the page, so I'll use both the solution (the one that I got that works only on page iteration) and this one (that works only on refresh). So it will works in every situation. Thanks for helping –  Matt07 Aug 20 '12 at 11:34
@Matt07: You're welcome, but just so you know, I've used this approach before and it works fine for both situations. Maybe you should try it again. [:)]. –  jonathanmarvens Aug 20 '12 at 13:42

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