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I'm trying to send built-in like, but I getting this: "Like actions are not yet supported against objects of this type"

It happens only on some pages. Here fails:

curl -F 'access_token=UR_TOKEN' \
     -F 'object=' \

Here works great:

curl -F 'access_token=UR_TOKEN' \
     -F 'object=' \

Why? The same types, types... Looks identically.

Here like doesn't work:

Here like works:

So why I'm getting this error?

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I suspect this is caused by page 594206 requiring the Like Button Migration, and page 146306 not requiring the migration.

Pay particular attention to this sentence in that doc:

"A Facebook admin page will no longer be created for any new Open Graph object page that is annotated with a Like Button social plugin"

So, I suspect page 594206 was scraped before the migration announcement (requiring migration) and 146306 was scraped after the announcement.

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