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I am trying to populate a combobox in Flex 3 from XML returned via a web service.

Here is the code:

     <mx:WebService id="Services" 
    <mx:operation   name="getAccounts"

And the code for the combobox:

<mx:ComboBox id="accountPicker" labelField="Account" dataProvider="{Services.getAccounts.lastResult.Root.Node.Account}"/>

My XML that is returned looks like this:


What am i doing wrong here? currently the combobox is blank. If i remove the .Root.Node.Account from the dataProvider then it returns [Object Object].


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1 Answer

  1. When dealing with e4x, the root is implicit so you just want xmlObject.Node.Account
  2. Node.Account gives you an XMLList of account nodes. These nodes don't have an "Account" property so labelField isn't going to work. If you just leave out the labelField, the combo box will call toString() on each element, which is automatically the inner text.

So what you want is:

<mx:ComboBox id="accountPicker" dataProvider="{Services.getAccounts.lastResult.Node.Account}" />
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This didnt work for me. I changed it to: <mx:ComboBox id="accountPicker" labelField="Account" dataProvider="{(Services.getCrmAccounts.lastResult).Root.Node}"/> and it worked. Could this be due to the XML been returned? –  CBE Aug 20 '12 at 8:36
@CameronEdwards I'd check the value of lastResult to make sure it's what you expect. The debugger is your friend. That code worked fine in my test just now. –  takteek Aug 20 '12 at 8:38
Will do. thanks for your help –  CBE Aug 20 '12 at 8:41
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