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i have the following hibernate mapping:

 <class name="Domain.Roomreservation, Core" table="Reservationroom">
    <id name="ID" unsaved-value="undefined">
        <generator class="native">
            <!--<param name="sequence">GLOBALSEQUENCE</param>-->

    <property name="FromTime" not-null="true" index="IDX_RESRAUM_FromTime" />
    <property name="UntilTime" not-null="true" index="IDX_RESRAUM_UntilTime"/>

    <many-to-one name="Booking" column="Book_ID" index="IDX_RAUMRES_BOOK" lazy="false"
        class="Domain.Booking, Core" not-null="true" />

And the Reservationroom table looks like:

ID         <pk>
Book_ID    <fk>

My Hibernate Query looks like:

String hql = "UPDATE Roomreservation as rr set rr.FromTime= 12:15" +
                     "Inner Join Booking b ON rr.Book_ID= b.ID " +
                     "Where b.ID = 95637";
                        IQuery query = CurrentSession.CreateQuery(hql);
                        int result = query.ExecuteUpdate();
                        Debug.WriteLine("Rows affected: " + result);

But i always getting Error: NHibernate.Hql.Ast.ANTLR.QuerySyntaxException

Can someone help me how to get this to work?

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You have to use subquery instead of join. Roughly as follows:

UPDATE Roomreservation as rr set rr.FromTime= 12:15
WHERE rr.Book_ID IN (
  SELECT b.id 
  FROM Booking b 
  WHERE b.id = 95637);

Additionally depending about type of FromTime it is likely that it should be presented in some other format.

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thanks it works –  Paks Aug 20 '12 at 9:58

This missing single quote for rr.FromTime= '12:15' should be the error.

String hql = "UPDATE Roomreservation as rr set rr.FromTime= '12:15' " +
"Inner Join Booking b ON rr.Book_ID= b.ID " +
"Where b.ID = 95637";

Can you please check this.

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i tried but still the same Exception –  Paks Aug 20 '12 at 8:39
rr.FromTime= '12:15'" + "Inner For this, we need to give space also rr.FromTime= '12:15'" + " Inner –  Ramaraj Karuppusamy Aug 20 '12 at 8:41
Hibernate doesn't support Join on Update/Delete statement. –  Sangdol Nov 11 at 13:20

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