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I am looking for the most natural way to save data to a text file. Could someone provide a simple example? Is there a function from the println family that does the job?

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The fprintf (and fprintfn) function works like printf and sprintf but takes a TextWriter to write to. You can found out more here.

Note the whole Core.Printf module is interesting.

A very simple example:

using (new StreamWriter("c:\\test.txt")) (fun file ->
    fprintfn file "test %i" 1
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fprintf and the like may not be the right way to go, depending how you are generating the data. Sometimes it can be as easy as this:

let SaveMe() =
    let data =  [0..1000]
                |> List.map (fun i -> sprintf "string number %i" i)
    System.IO.File.WriteAllLines(@"c:\temp\myfile.txt", data)
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