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I have class structure as following

class ABC {

class XYZ {

Now I have configured above classes in hbm file. There is some data already stored in DB. I have abcId and xyzId with me and want to fetch only name fields of both classes in single HQL query.

Can any one guide me for above.

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Assume your ABC is College and XYZ is Student. Using Criteria, we can get college name and student name as follows.

Criteria c = s.createCriteria(College.class,"clg");
c.createCriteria("students", "s");
c.add(Restrictions.eq("id",new Integer(1)));
c.add(Restrictions.eq("", new Integer(1)));

ProjectionList properties = Projections.projectionList();

List l=c.list();
Iterator it=l.iterator();
    Object ob[] = (Object[]);


Hibernate: select as y0_, as y1_ from College1 this_ inner join Student1 s1_ on where and

SCASC College--------Student1

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That's it.... This is what I want... Thanks.. – user1041580 Aug 20 '12 at 11:23

If you have configured your hbm such that XYZ class is related to ABC class, the retrieval would be as if you are retrieving only from class ABC.

For example : getHibernateTemplate().load(ABC.class, someABCId);

Hbm for ABC :

<class name="ABC" table="abc_table" mutable="false">
    <cache usage="read-only"/>
    <id name="abcId" column="id">
        <generator class="increment"/>
    <property name="name" column="name"/>
    <list name="listOfXYZObjects" lazy="true" >
        <key column="abc_id"/>
        <index column="id"/>
        <one-to-many class="XYZ"/>
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Thanks for replay. I have already done this configurations. Actually I don't want to load ABC/XYZ object. Only I want is name field from ABC and XYZ. Can you suggest any HQL query? – user1041580 Aug 20 '12 at 10:09

Use below stated hql query.

select new map(a.ABCname , b.XYZname) 
from ABC a, XYZ b 
where a.abcid = "+abcid+" and b.xyzid = "+xyzid+"

where in from clause is ABC pojo class and XYZ pojo class. Here name fields in both class should have different name. Or you can also use with out new map clause.

But using new map clause would be lot easier to you.

Hope this helps you.


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