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I just want to learn how to build responsive themes and I installed the android emulator on win7 and all is ok when I test sites which are running on a live server. The problem is that is not working when I try to test wordpress sites from WAMP server. I'm using instead of localhost or ip... It's working for simple html files but not for wp. It shows me a sitemap with all the site pages and when I try to click on one of them it shows me an error "The webpage might be temporarily down...". I need to test them on WAMP server before uploading them on a live server. What should I do?... When I uplaod them on server, (the same theme), all is working. Could be something wrong with the wamp configuration?. I test it on 2 pc's (32 and 64) and the same is happening.

I found video and there I see that it's working for him. What am I missing.

Thanks for your help,


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UPDATE I tested the instructions on the video and they worked fine; I was using WordPress multisite and didn't work, so I created a standalone setup and it worked :)

Here's a simple solution I tested and working for debugging WordPress themes on Android.

  1. First you have to be able to access your localhost from your mobile, follow this instructions here.
  2. Now you should be able to access your localhost from Android. Since WP is redirecting addresss like to something like http://localhost/wordpress/. Better create a directory on your www folder and test your html versions of styles until they suite your responsive needs.
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