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This StoreManifest.xml file i am using to upload the package to Windows Store and i am getting the following error.? Anybody had the same experience? Any idea how to resolve?

I am using Window8RTM/VS 2012RTM

Validation error: This package contains a StoreManifest.xml file which does not validate against the StoreManifest.xsd schema

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The blue squiggly lines in the xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation= and xmlns= sections indicate validation errors. Open the Error List pane and ensure you are viewing the warnings -- they should appear there.

It looks like VS2012 is not able to find the StoreManifest.xsd schema file.

Looking at (Schemas for Windows Store apps) I cannot see a StoreManifest schema, only an App pakage manifest. It may be that StoreManifest was for the Alpha/Beta releases of Win8.

If StoreManifest is correct, ensure Visual Studio is looking in the Windows Store Apps/WinRT schema folder for XML schemas (not sure where this is or how to fix this, as I no longer have access to Visual Studio). Once this is done, any further validation errors will have blue squiggles under them and appear as warnings in the error list pane.

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This is official link which helped me to solve the problem you are facing. Hope it helps.

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