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I have created one UI file wth some widgets in QT designer


now I am creating object of TestScreen class in another ccp file 'sstApplication.cpp'

TestScreen *obj =  new TestScreen()

now when I am try to access the widgets of testScreen.ui'


i am unable to do it

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When using QtDesigner subwidgets are incapsulated into the generated Ui class. You have to ways to use it:

1) Write getter for ui class. This is a bad method because it violates incapsulation:

    Ui::TestScreen *ui() const { return ui; }

and access it form your sstApplication.cpp:

TestScreen *obj =  new TestScreen()

2) Make setter for next button state:

    void enableNextButton(bool enabled = true) { this->ui->next_But->setEnabled(enabled); }

and use it like this:


However, the best solution would be to incapsilate widget state management logic into TestScreen

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thanks dwrd for the reply.......what do you mean by ' incapsilate widget state management logic into TestScreen' –  sachin Aug 20 '12 at 10:05
I mean that you must not mix view and logic. It would be better to have something like model class and to handle to its state modification with triggering button enabled state –  dvvrd Aug 20 '12 at 10:29

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