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On the website, there are a slideshow with fading pictures and on the bottom a newsticker that scrolls horizontally. Both are animated with javascript. What bugs me is that on the beginning of ever picture fade, the newsticker stops scrolling for a short moment. This seems to be heavily dependent on the resources available to the browser.

How can I make both scripts run smoothly?

This is the code used to fade the pictures:

this.b_slidenow = function(){
    var check1,maxalpha,curralpha;;
    if(u<steps){ //slide not finished
        else {this.b_slide();}
    else{ //slide finished

And this is the code used to scroll the ticker:

function TICKER_tick() {
    if(!TICKER_PAUSED) document.getElementById(ticker).scrollLeft += TICKER_SPEED * (TICKER_RIGHTTOLEFT ? -1 : 1);
    if(TICKER_RIGHTTOLEFT && document.getElementById(ticker).scrollLeft <= 0) document.getElementById(ticker).scrollLeft = document.getElementById(ticker).scrollWidth - document.getElementById(ticker).offsetWidth;
    if(!TICKER_RIGHTTOLEFT && document.getElementById(ticker).scrollLeft >= document.getElementById(ticker).scrollWidth - document.getElementById(ticker).offsetWidth) document.getElementById(ticker).scrollLeft = 0;
    window.setTimeout("TICKER_tick()", 20);

The site is only for an internal kiosk screen and will be rendered with chrome.

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Post some code, most of us aren't fortune tellers. – pbond Aug 20 '12 at 9:44
OK, added some code. – Coloneljesus Aug 20 '12 at 9:50
I'm not familiar enough with javascript to see if there are any performance issues with this, but you can try to give this a go using jQuery, and see if it'll work smooth with that. – pbond Aug 20 '12 at 9:58

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