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Here is my python code for Matplotlib, I want to draw two lines, the first one it's succeed already, I want to add one more line into this graph, which is y=x^(-0.56), so I just simply add one (x,y) pair after it, the code returns an error:

lines = plt.loglog(x, y,basex=10,'ro',x,x**(-0.56),basex=10)

SyntaxError: non-keyword arg after keyword arg

Can anyone help how to do this?

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Thats because you are using first basex=10 as a default argument and after that you are passing non-default arguments. If you are sure that your function needs these 7 arguments, then remove the first basex=10.

You can also see the error if you format your code like this:

lines = matplotlib.loglog(x,
... y,
... basex=10,
... 'ro',
... x,
... x**(-0.56),
... 10
... )
File "", line 4
SyntaxError: non-keyword arg after keyword arg

The error clearly shows some problem with line 4 and the reason is that I specified above.

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Remove the first basex=10 from your argument list (this is your keyword arg and it is complaining you have non-keyword args after it).


lines = plt.loglog(x, y,'ro',x,x**(-0.56),basex=10)

To make it more explicit you could also write it as:

line1 = plt.loglog(x, y,'ro',basex=10)
line2 = plt.loglog(x,x**(-0.56),basex=10)
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