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I have asked the following question on the Grails fora, but no replies. I wonder if Stackoverflow could be more successful?

I can't get batch-launcher plugin to install in Grails 2.0.4. The import for Log4jConfigListener in its 'Launcher' class fails because it can't be found.

I have seen a warning in the 'upgrading to 2.0.4' section of the Grails doc, that says you if you have customised the web.xml provided by install-templates, you must update this with the latest from Grails.

I wonder if there could be something similar happening with the batch-launcher plugin?

Regards, John

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what is the full path for the import? –  chrislovecnm Aug 20 '12 at 19:40

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we are using the batch launcher plugin with grails 2.1 and we had the same problem at the beginning.

We solved the problem by downloading the sources and patching the Plugin: - adapt the import package for Log4jConfigListener - adapt _BatchWar.groovy to include the jar files (grails 2.0 changed the location of some jar files which are used by the batch)

Afterwards it is working fine.

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I made the changes per Tobias' comment, if anyone is interested I put the working plugin on on Gihub that works with Grails 2. here

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