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I have an application running in appengine. Is there an API to programmatically determine my application version? Specifically, I want to query the version: attribute in the app.yaml file.

Hans Then

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Since you mention app.yaml, it seems fair to assume you're using Python. The details of the current version are available as an environment variable:


See the runtime environment documentation.

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app.yaml is also used by the Go runtime, where you would call appengine.VersionID ( – Adam Thomason Aug 20 '12 at 23:15

(Edit : I didn't know 'app.yaml' was PYTHON only, you can discard my anwser then, as it's for JAVA^^)

in java there is this way to get a version of the current application, was that what you were looking for? //or

string version = GWT.getVersion();
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