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I am following this tutorial:

Right off the bat it asks me to use the MFC Application Wizard to create a new project. It turns out that it's not included with the Visual Studio 2008 Express.

Is there any way that I can download it so that I can use it to continue the tutorial? Or is would I just have to buy the standard version?

If I can't download it, what would I have to do in order to create the project myself manually?


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I believe MFC is one of the things Microsoft removed from the free "Express" edition. There isn't a free download of MFC, so you would have to purchase the standard Visual Studio.

A quick look at the tutorial shows that it does indeed use MFC features, so there probably isn't an easy way to follow the tutorial without using MFC.

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Bummer. I was hoping this wasn't the case. If only VC++ standard wasn't so expensive. – GuyNoir Jul 30 '09 at 3:18

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