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I have a text file with three lines

Line one
Line two
Line three

And run the following bit of applescript on the file :

set dbs to {read file thePath using delimiter "
--set dbs to {"Line one", "Line two", "Line three"}
choose from list dbs with prompt "choose a database"

Gives me an error :

error "Can’t make {\"Line one\", \"Line two\", \"Line three\"} into type string." 
number -1700 from {"Line one", "Line two", "Line three"} to string

So I take the comment tag (--) out of the second line to make dbs into exactly the same list it's complaining it can't convert, and the choose works. But I don't want to rewrite my code every time the contents of the file changes... Why can't it convert from one list when it can convert from the other?

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set dbs to every paragraph of (read file thePath)

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"every paragraph" gives me a blank line at the end but it is now clear to me the braces were being added to the response line and if I change them to normal brackets it works as I was expecting. – Max Allan Aug 21 '12 at 8:34

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